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Photo of Gonring's Bathing Beach courtesy of Washington County Historical Society


Photos of Cedar Lake Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program. Submitted by Heidi Vollmar

Sample of Select Local Water History and Culture Topics

Sailing Culture

Cedar Lake Yacht Club 

    -link to website

    -link to 2016 alumni survey

      results (qualitative)

    -link to student paper alumni

      responses on culture

    -link to student paper on

     -link to Cedar Lake 

       Sailing Program video

     -link to 2017 open house for   

         Junior Sailing info

     -link to student perspective


     -link to Ali Vollmar perspective

     -link to Lindsey Vollmar


     -link to Heidi Vollmar

       perspective (Working Lives)



*Richter Saw Mill on Cedar Creek by Lee Krueger (click here)

Lake Resorts/Clubs

*Cedar Lake Yacht Club history

      *Click here for student paper

         on Ralph Eckert

*Resort memories

    *Click here for student paper

         (Dave Baldus memories)

     *Click here for student

       paper about Rosenheimer's


      *Click here for 2013-2014 story

Floods/Ice Storms

*Slinger Flood

      -click here for memories from  

       student papers    

       (Christman/Seidel) photo

Ice Cutting/Delivery

*Ice Houses/Ice Delivery/Ice Cutting

      -click here for student paper

        (Rubicon/Pike Lake)

      -click here for student paper Big

        Cedar Lake ice memory

     -click for summary of "Ice Man"

*Ice out

       -click here for citizen weblink

Local Fire Departments

    -click here for water delivery student paper (M. Schaefer)

    -click here for water tower student paper (L. Roskopf)

    -click here and here for Allenton Train wreck history paper (C. Konrath and A. Cleary)

    -click here for R.Seidel/C. Konrath family history video on firefighting

    -click here for more

     local fire dept. history

Other Water History


     -under construction

*Slinger Brick pond

      -click here for student paper excerpt

*Great Divide student paper

Fishing Culture


   *Big Cedar Lake Thursday Night Fishing Club student data on work of co-founders of club, membership information

    *Big Cedar Lake Thursday Night Fishing Club Facebook page


People by the Water

-2017 survey summations (norms, values, beliefs)

-Cedar Lake Hills website

-Future Author's Camp 2016: "Humans by the River" link

-link to Perimeter: A Contemporary Portrait of Lake Michigan

-link to Hmong Voices Project and Slinger student reflection

-Recreation (under construction)

       *Bob Engel quotes on seasons

          on Big and Little Cedar Lakes

       *Jerry Kabelowski on Pike Lake

         Sportsman's Club






Pike Lake and community (Rob Wessberg) audio, Kettle Ponds

-Tom Isaacs, Allenton Marsh audio

-Gary Casper, Blanding Turtles study audio



“When the ice leaves the lake, it gets kind of loud. Wind is chopping at it.  It’s almost musical when it leaves the lake.” Bob Engel, resident who has lived on both Big and Little Cedar Lake

Lake History Authors

Lee and Mary Krueger wrote A Collection of Histories, Stories and Memories of the Farms and the Lakes (Volume One and Volume Two)

-click here for some quotes from Lee about why they wrote the books

-be alert for one of Lee's presentations which are usually advertised in Wash. County Historical Society newsletters

Barb Johnson wrote Big Cedar Lake: A Guide to Her Past and Present and Timmers At Big Cedar Lake: A Journey Through Time 

-click here for interview excerpt with Barb

-click here  for information about Big Cedar Lake: A Guide to Her Past and Present and here to find information about Timmers At Big Cedar Lake: A Journey Through Time

Lake History: Special thanks to Marlene Reinders whose binders full of historical photos and articles from Big Cedar Lake helped get the lake history angle going. Special thanks to the History Center of Washington County, Hartford History Room, Lee and Mary Krueger, Barb Johnson, Bette Weninger, Nancy Schilling-Genz, Mike Schuetz, Sue Spitz who helped students get a copy of the Cedar Lake Yacht Club History book, Heidi Vollmar, Danny Kassens, and Doc Olsen who really spent quite a bit of time answering questions and giving tips and ideas about Big Cedar Lake history.  

Ralph "Doc" Olsen, whose ancestors were Rosenheimers, told us stories about Big Cedar Lake from what is believed to be the second oldest cottage on the lake. This building is on the east side of the lake on German Village Road.  Photo by Nate Grimm

Other Water Related Projects  (SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Water Related Links:

-link to Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway's "Hmong Voices Project: Fox River Perspectives and Voices" as researched by UW-Oshkosh sociology professor, Paul Van Auken and others

-link to Educational Television Productions/NEW video for US Wildlife and Fisheries (overview clip on Fox River/ Green Bay NRDA),  link to related cultural involvement clip-

link to Educational Television Productions/NEW video for Green Bay NEW water     "Utility of the Future"-

link to Wisconsin Academy 's Waters of Wisconsin website

-link to Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District

-link to Global Water Center and The Water Council

-link to Wisconsin DNR

-link to Wisconsin Conservation Congress

-link to Radio 88.9 Urban Spelunking story about Milwaukee pump house

-link to WPTV Jerry Apps video about his book Never Curse the Rain

-link to Reflo sustainable water solutions initiative

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