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Thematic Art

Art on this page is inspired by Water, Transportation, and Working Lives.  

Thank You to Julia Gueller  (Class of 2017)

for the first piece and motivation for the idea

Slinger Area Water & Roadways

-  Julia Gueller (2017)

Artist Statement: 

     In my time spent in Mr. Grimm's Sociology class, a few key ways of looking at the world really stood out to me. We were explained the "Forest and Trees" method, in which individuals (the trees) were studied, and then the view was expanded (the forest) to look at the whole. 

We focused on roadways and water as our final semester projects, and I was given the opportunity to use my art skills for the project. 

I chose to illustrate a map of my hometown and connect the major waterways and roads here. Slinger is a rural area surrounded by farmland, but that doesn't alter the fascinating lives of the people who live here.

Sociology taught me that everything is connected somehow, and when you stand back far enough to look at all of it as a whole, those interconnections become crystal clear. 

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