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Related links to Water and Transportation and Working Lives

Below are some related links to the water and transportation themes that may help add to the discussion for adults and students in the Slinger area and beyond.  


link to Wisconsin Humanities Council

-link to Wisconsin Humanities Council Working Lives Project

-link to Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture

-link to Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway's "Hmong Voices Project: Fox River Perspectives and Voices" as researched by UW-Oshkosh sociology professor, Paul Van Auken and others

-link to Educational Television Productions/NEW video for US Wildlife and Fisheries (overview clip on Fox River/ Green Bay NRDA),  link to related cultural involvement clip

-link to Educational Television Productions/NEW video for Green Bay NEW water     "Utility of the Future"

-link to Wisconsin Academy 's Waters of Wisconsin website

-link to Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District

-link to Global Water Center and The Water Council

-link to Wisconsin DNR

-link to Wisconsin Conservation Congress


-link to UW-Oshkosh Sociology Department

-link to History Center of Washington County

-link to Hartford History Room

-link to Fox Valley Writing Project's "Humans by the River"  (Slinger Future Author's Camp)

-link to Village of Slinger Department of Public Works


-link to Addison Sanitation District

-link to Washington County Land and Water Use Conservation Department


-link to Washington County Aquatic Invasive Species and Terrestrial Invasive Species site


-link to River Edge Nature Center

-link to Pike Lake State Park

-link to Cedar Lake Yacht Club

-link to Wellntel


-link to Potable Aqua

-link to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Feature on Great Lakes of Wisconsin

-link to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Feature on Milwaukee River revival 

-link to Cedar Lake Conservation Foundation


-link to find out about key line water retention swales at Sauve-Terre Farm

-link to Ozaukee/Washington County Land Trust

-link to Wisconsin Department of Public Transportation 

-link to Wisconsin DOT Railroads and Harbors Map

-link to Wisconsin Amtrak  Passenger Train routes

-link to Wisconsin Rail Plan 2030

-link to Wisconsin Railroad Passengers Association

-link to website about Wisconsin Railroads (

-link to Wisconsin 2030 (Long Range Multi-modal transportation plan)


-link to Washington County Highway Department

-link to Manominn: Food that Grows on the Water (WI Media Lab)

-link to Spearfishing: A Living History (WI Media Lab)

-link to Riverwest Neighborhood (Radio 88.9 and John Gurda)


-link to Radio 88.9 Urban Spelunking story about Milwaukee pump house

-link to WPTV Jerry Apps video about his book Never Curse the Rain






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