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Rob Wessberg (Pike Lake Park Superintendent, DNR)

Slinger High School Biology and Sociology students and faculty visited with Rob Wessberg in October 2016 to discuss his work.


His work load was broad and included protecting the lake from invasives, trail and park upkeep, farmland projects, water quality management with the help of Pike Lake Protection and Rehabilitation officials, Take a Kid fishing programs, e-coli testing, septic monitoring, vandalism prevention, work with naturalists and other scientists, and public relations work with the Friends of Pike Lake as well as local municipalities.  According to Sportsman's Club member, Jerry Kabelowski, "The Sportsman's Club probably interacts with Rob more than any other group at Pike Lake especially during the Discovery Days. The Sportsman's Club worked with the DNR for Fishing for the Table program as well. This program teaches adults, who didn't get a chance to fish when they were young, to fish. Rob and other DNR people coordinate this event."


For more on Rob's job, click on this link and read the top half of the student paper. 


Or look at a paper Rob co-published. 

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