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Kristen Leffelman: Working Lives

Wisconsin Historical Society Field Representative: Global Water Center

Slinger Sociology students visited with Kristen Leffelman at the Global Water Center on April 26, 2017 to find out more about what she does for her job in her field office at the Global Water Center.  In addition to building exhibits (part of the water traveling exhibit is pictured below), Ms. Leffelman gathers oral histories from workers and companies as Milwaukee establishes a global freshwater hub at the Global Water Center and across the city.  With the Milwaukee field office, she also can help Milwaukee area companies document business history.  "Companies like A.O. Smith, Miller Coors, they've been around for a long time, so we can help them preserve their legacy." 

Click here for more information about Ms. Leffelman's working life from a Slinger student interview synopsis.

Click here for information posted on the Water Council website about her water exhibit that started at the Global Water Center and is now traveling around the state.  Click here to  see an article about an "Around the Water Cooler" talk featured Leffelman.

Click here for the Wisconsin Historical Society main page. 

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