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Water, Transportation, and Working Lives

Sociology, history, technical education, and science students from Slinger High School in Slinger, WI worked with members of local organizations and Educational Television Productions/NEW during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years to conduct interviews and document working lives in the Slinger area.  The focus was on people who worked in water and transportation fields, as well as local community members’ experience with railroads, roads, lakes and water in 2016-2017.  The focus was on people who working in construction and trades fields in 2017-2018. The project was funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council, with funds from the National Endowment of the Humanities.  

In addition, special thanks to Slinger School District, Slinger High School Student Council (US Cellular Pear Up program 2016-2017) for helping fund additional parts of this project.  Additional thanks to CESA7, UW-Oshkosh Sociology Department, History Center of Washington County, Hartford History Room, Slinger Advancement Association, Slinger Fire Department, the Village of Slinger, Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture, WI DNR, Big Cedar Lake and Little Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Districts, Washington County Land and Water Use Conservation Department, Cedar Lake Yacht Club, Wisconsin Conservation Congress, River edge Nature Center, Pike Lake State Park, E.H. Wolf and Sons, Hanke Trucking, Freedom RV, Scenic Traveler RV, Cedar Lake Sales, Aqua Therapups, the Water Council and the Global Water Center, Wisconsin Pharmacal (Potable Aqua), Wisconsin Historical Society, Graef USA, Cedar Lake Conservation Foundation, Wellntel, the West Bend Daily News, Heartland Construction, J.H. Hassinger, Inc, Miron Construction Co, Inc, Catalyst Construction, the Slinger Super Speedway,  Memorial Go-Kart, Inc,  Bray Architecture, Schweitzer Electric, Dale Anderson Masonry, Germantown Iron and Steel, Quest Engineering, the Cemeterians, Keller Construction, Inc. and the many other local residents, teachers, workers, water experts, transportation experts, construction and trades experts, and humanities experts who contributed in some way to this project.

We hope the website helps continue conversation for students and the community about water, transportation, construction, trades, history, culture, and more.  If you'd like to see how this topic fits in with Slinger Area History/Culture topics prior to 2016, please click here .   If you'd like to see the 150 years of Slinger web page created in 2019, click here.  If you'd like to directly go to water, transportation, construction, or trades, click on the appropriate tab at the top of this web page. Special thanks to Dean Leisgang of CESA7 for help with video creation.

Please click here to visit the Wisconsin Humanities Council homepage.  The Wisconsin Humanities Council supports and creates programs that use history, culture, and discussion to strengthen community life for everyone in Wisconsin.

            Student Data from Projects


Slinger High School students researched local people and places within the water field. Click on the picture above to find a link to a page with some of the data. 


Slinger High School students researched local people and places within the transportation field.  Click on the picture above to find a link to a page with some of the data. 

Working Lives

Students researched local people within the water and transportation fields.

Click on the picture above to find a link to a page with some of the data on Working Lives. 


Water and Working Lives


This 2017 video short shows several workers involved in various aspects of water protection within the geographic area of the Slinger School District. A Slinger biology student shares part of what she's learned: individual local actions can have broader regional and systematic implications.

Cedar Lake Sailing Program: A Multi-Generational Experience


This 2017 video short looks at aspects of sailing culture at the Cedar Lake Yacht Club on Big Cedar Lake from the eyes of Slinger School District student sailors, a parent of a first-year Junior Sailing Program participant, and a sailing instructor/board member.

Building Social Capital in the Community: E.H. Wolf and Sons


This 2017 video short explores the past, present, and future of a local company with strong historical and cultural and ties in railroad and transportation. Slinger social studies students interview E.H. Wolf and Sons workers to document business values, transportation trends, fuel industry norms, and how employees build social capital in the Slinger community.

Fuel Delivery Changes from the 1940s to 2017


E.H. Wolf and Sons Co-President, Craig Wolf, helps history students understand shipping and delivery changes from the time his grandfather ran the company to today. 

First Responder Collaboration on Slinger Area Roads


This 2017 Working Lives video short helps students and the community understand the value of training and collaboration between the fire department, EMS/EMT, and law enforcement when an accident occurs on local roads.

Testing the Waters


This 2017 video short explores the Testing The Water training program from the perspective of a Testing the Waters Program trainer from Riveredge Nature Center, Slinger High School AP Biology students, and their Biology teacher.

Slinger Area Roads and Rails: A Snapshot


This 2017 video short gives a snapshot of the value roads and rails have played in the development of the Slinger area through the eyes of a village public works engineer, a village police chief, a district school superintendent, a district social studies teacher, a local lake author, and a local former railroad employee.

Slinger Working Lives: Public Works Department and Water


This 2017 video short helps explain some of responsibilities of the Public Works Department in maintaining the storm water drainage system (ditches, curb and gutter, storm water catch basins, street sweeping), and drinking water systems (including municipal wells).

Working Lives: Slinger Fire Fighters Training with Water

This 2017 Working lives video short helps students and the community understand how fire fighters learn how to manage water and run equipment as a team prior to fighting a fire. Select shots were gathered by sociology students at a Tuesday Night training session in October 2016 simulating training for fighting a rural fire. Audio and video production by Slinger HS senior, Victoria Volkmann, with video shooting help from Abigail Pozorski.  Read Producer reflection here

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                    Illustration by Julia Gueller, Sociology student
                                           Artist Statement

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